An Online Archive of Over 22,000 Dreams

New to me: did you know there’s a database of dreams? Over 22,000 of ’em. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you know I have extremely weird dreams. This is fascinating to me. “The archive is organized in 73 dream sets. Most of those sets are dreams collected from an individual, but some are from groups who were assigned to keep diaries, such as blind dreamers and Swiss schoolchildren. Over the years, people have heard about The DreamBank and submitted their privately kept journals to be preserved and made available to readers. Domhoff believes in granting anonymity to dreamers, and many of the pseudonyms in The DreamBank are both colorful and descriptive such as ‘Pegasus: the factory worker’ and ‘Toby: a friendly party animal’.”

One of my dreams:

I dreamed I suffered a bereavement and was summoned by the British government.

I got there and met with three government officials. They started asking me if my bereavement was caused by the government of Spain.

No, I said. I had never been to Spain, didn’t know anything about Spain, didn’t know anyone from there, and didn’t see how it could have anything to do with them.

But they kept asking me and finally got me to admit that, globalism being what it was, it was possible that some fraction of one percent of my bereavement might be the fault of Spain.

Good, they said, and pushed a pile of fancy parchment across the table.

“What are these?” I asked.

Letters of marque, they said. You are being given permission by Her Majesty’s government to harass the enemy in all seas. Your ship is in bay 9.

So I went to bay 9 and there was a lovely full-rigged frigate looking like something out of the Napoleonic wars.

Bewildered, I said out loud, “How am I supposed to sail this without a CREW?” and woke myself up.

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