Four Senators Introduce “Just Google It Act”

Four senators have introduced the Just Google It Act in a bid to get rid of the NTIS.

“The NTIS, which was established in 1950, compiles federal reports and sells copies of these documents to other agencies and the public upon request. The original purpose of the NTIS – to increase government transparency and make documents available to federal agencies and the public – has been largely displaced by the Internet. A 2014 GAO study found that three-quarters of the documents added to the NTIS collection over the last two decades were available elsewhere, of which 95 percent could be found for free online through a search on Google or another search engine.”

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      NTIS is the 100 trillion dollar collection of scientific, economic and technical information. Agencies have historically not maintained their scientific and technical (STI) documents, the heart of NTIS’ collection, over the years. While several agencies (DOD-DTIC, NIH-NLM, ARS-Library, Energy-Library) have maintained their recent collections and have given public search engines access, other agencies have provided access only until their online web presence are maintained and each time they make a major update the collections are archived offline and eventually lost as electronic storage media evolves. The core of the NTIS collection is 2nd world war U.S. and Allies, and German STI. The collection spans 70 years and still is the long place where it is all maintained in a since collection. And yes let’s not forget NTIS is self-sustaining federal agency that uses user fees to maintain and distribute the collection.

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