LA Times Hires Reporter to Cover Black Twitter

The LA Times has hired a reporter to cover Black Twitter – that is to say, the culture of people of color and how that culture uses Twitter.

“Dexter Thomas joins us today to cover Black Twitter (which really is so much more complicated than that). He will work closely with the newsroom and #EmergingUS to find communities online (Black Medium to Latino Tumblr to Line in Japan) and both create stories with and pull stories from those worlds. Dexter is from San Bernardino and is a doctoral candidate in East Asian studies at Cornell University. He has taught media studies and Japanese and is writing a book about Japanese hip-hop.”

I’m going to use this story as a promotion excuse: if you have any interest in animation or voice acting at all, please do yourself a favor and follow @kharypayton on Twitter. He is a wonderful actor and doesn’t get nearly enough love. (And no, he doesn’t know me from Adam’s off-ox. I just think he’s a great voice.)

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