Republicans Go All In On Big Data

I’m linking to a story about Republicans, not because I’m a Republican (I’m not, nor Democrat either) but because everyone in the universe needs to be aware of how much politics and big data are slamming into each other. The next presidential election will be – to a sickening level in my opinion – about who manipulates the manifest (and manifestly non-transparent) algorithms that control what we see in social media and in search results. The article’s in Forbes, and it’s called Exclusive: Republicans Launch Game-Changing Data Center That Will Forever Change Politics.

“As of today, candidates can access 300+ terabytes of data and over 20 years of voter contact data free of charge. Moreover, the user interface appeared easy to use, allowing quick, LinkedIn-like, advanced navigation drill downs into meta-data for any territory in the United States. For example, if you want to find 10 people on a residential block that haven’t voted in the past 20 years, have strong views on conservative topics, and don’t like the Affordable Care Act, candidates can do that in seconds.”

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