Tools for Social Science Research on Social Media

I missed this article when it came out last month — Wasim Ahmed has done an excellent roundup of currently-available tools for social media research. This is social scientist level research, not “Find out how many people are following you” type stuff. “By searching for relevant software (as documented in the table), I have noticed that there are very few tools that can be used to obtain data from other social media platforms such as, Pinterest, Goolge+, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Vine, LinkedIn, and Amazon among others. Regarding this, I would like to see more software for those in the social sciences to obtain data for a range of platforms and including a range of data i.e., web links, images, and video. At the Masters and PhD level there should be more emphasis on training for social science students in effectively using existing software that can be used to capture data analyse data from social media platforms.”

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