YouTube and Livestreaming

WIRED takes a look at YouTube and what it might do for livestreaming. Another good search/data aggregation idea, folks – it’s a royal PAIN to get a calendar of hangouts and other planned live events taking place on YouTube. You can filter for things that are live right now, but a) that doesn’t let you plan, and b) search results like that give minimal amounts of information about the live event.

Every time I hear someone say that all search problems online have been resolved, I want to throw things. “YouTube built some of the infrastructure for live video almost by accident, in the course of creating the YouTube we know now. It has a terrific, usable player that is embeddable basically anywhere and accessible all over the world. It supports almost any technical setup you can think of. It has subscriptions, channels and a notification system that can easily shift from ‘Casey posted a new video’ to ‘Casey is live!’ But Bronstein and his team also discovered livestreaming comes with its quirks.”

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