Educational Search Engine Hopes to get Kickstarted

There’s a new search engine out there, and it’s looking for Kickstarter funding.

“Dr. Philip Kovacs’ company, Vastly Inc., is seeking $250,000 through Kickstarter for its Complexity Engine educational Internet search engine, the patent-pending technologies for which are licensed from The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).” 250K? Yow. “Complexity Engine uses a sophisticated algorithm to search websites for content and delivers free, customized and age-appropriate reading materials to a user’s computer. In an educational setting, it promises to give teachers, parents and students an efficient, affordable way to promote reading. Teachers and administrators can set parameters for the search results, and the reading experience can be either student self-directed or guided by the teacher.”

Now, it’s 2am as I write this so it’s entirely possible that I missed it, but I can’t find the actual link to the Kickstarter campaign in this article. In case you want to kick in a few bucks, here it is: .

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