Tool Allows Search for Licensed Physician Info Across the US

I have seen state medical boards that allow users to search on disciplinary action for a doctor/medical professional, but never one that lets you search every active licensed physician in the US. Until I read about new resource Docinfo.

“The Docinfo physician search tool ( draws data from the FSMB’s Physician Data Center, the nation’s most comprehensive database of physician licensure and disciplinary information. The Data Center is regularly updated with information provided to the FSMB by its membership of 70 state medical and osteopathic boards, which license all U.S. physicians, and discipline several thousand physicians each year for unprofessional conduct, incompetence and other issues. The tool also includes data on thousands of physician assistants regulated by state medical boards.”

Note this search tool is limited, apparently, it active physicians. If you’re looking for someone who has had their license suspended and whose license is expired, you will (in my experience) have more luck searching a state-based board tool.

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