Internet Archive Launches Candidate Media Mention Tracker

The Internet Archive has launched a tool that tracks media mentions of US presidential candidates. I don’t think I need to tell you who’s in first place. “Today we are excited to announce three new visualizations that explore American politics through the lens of television: a live campaign tracker hosted by The Atlantic that offers a running tally of all mentions of the 2016 presidential candidates across national television monitored by the Archive, and two visualizations that show which statements from the first Republican debate went viral on television. Finally, an analysis published in The Guardian shows just how unique television coverage of the campaign is and how much it differs from print and online coverage. Candidates live and die by their ability to capture media attention. Now, thanks to Leetaru, citizens have the tools to examine the election media data daily.” I would love to see a crowdsourced effort to see how the media mentions stack up against candidate Facebook page reach.

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