What Ever Happened to Google Books?

From The New Yorker: What Ever Happened to Google Books? “On one hand, Google has scanned an impressive thirty million volumes, putting it in a league with the world’s larger libraries (the library of Congress has around thirty-seven million books). That is a serious accomplishment. But while the corpus is impressive, most of it remains inaccessible. Searches of out-of-print books often yield mere snippets of the text—there is no way to gain access to the whole book.”

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    • […] Tim Wu fragt sich im New Yorker „What Ever Happened to Google Books?“. 30 Millionen Titel sind von Google bereits eingescannt, trotzdem beibt das meiste davon nur in kleinen Ausschnitten (Snippets) zugänglich wegen Copy-Right-Problemen. Eine mögliche Lösung dafür wäre laut Tim Wu (via ResearchBuzz: Firehose): […]

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