TechCrunch on Ad Blocking

Interesting overview from TechCrunch on ad blocking and why it’s such a huge issue.

I worked in an ad agency many thousands of years ago, and it got me interested in advertising. In fact, the first newsletter I did online was not ResearchBuzz. It was called SKYWRITING and it was about advertising. I did it for about a year, I think. This was around 1995. Also I co-authored a book on Internet advertising called POOR RICHARD’S INTERNET MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS, around 1998.

My point is that I’ve been watching advertising on the Internet since around the time it started, and while I can see both sides of the story, advertisers did a LOT to bring this on themselves. If you can’t even run your browser well because so many ad networks are trying to load on a page — or if you’re trying to read the news early in the morning and auto-play videos run WITH AUDIO and make you jump and spill your coffee — your first thought when these things happen is, “Oh, I need to keep looking at advertising because I need to support this publisher.” No, it’s “I have to turn this crap off right now. How do I do it?”

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