QZ On the SEP

QZ has a nice writeup on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. “The internet is an information landfill. Somewhere in it—buried under piles of opinion, speculation, and misinformation—is virtually all of human knowledge. But sorting through the trash is difficult work. Even when you have something you think is valuable, it often turns out to be a cheap knock-off. The story of how the SEP is run, and how it came to be, shows that it is possible to create a less trashy internet—or at least a less trashy corner of it.”

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  1. This was a nice piece, and thanks for featuring it. John Perry, one of the profs behind the SEP effort, also does a great radio and podcast called Philosophy Talk. Great blog by the way.

    1. ResearchBuzz says:

      Thanks very much!

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    ResearchBuzz: Firehose picked up a nice story on one of my favorite resources online, SEP.

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