Database of London Pubs

Hey! A guy is trying to photograph all the pubs in London and assemble them into a database. Apparently there are thousands of pubs in London so this is going to be a big job. “For the past seven years, Ewan [Munro] has been painstakingly researching London’s pubs, both past and present, cataloguing them and taking photos before uploading details to his online database Pubology. He also posts them on Flickr where they’re available for anyone to use for free. His mission is to photograph every pub in London – although, as he tells me, it’s difficult to know just how close he is to that goal. Nevertheless, the thousands of photos he’s taken so far represent an invaluable record of an aspect of British culture which feels at an increasing risk of being lost.” Even if you’re not interested in the database, hit the link and look at the pictures. The Three Johns image is just breathtaking.

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