Twitch is BIG

In case some of y’all are wondering why I mention Twitch so much and why I think it has a chance to take on YouTube: because it’s big. “The game-broadcasting behemoth is holding its first ever convention this weekend in San Francisco, and it revealed some of the numbers behind its success. This includes a total of 1.7 million individuals who use the Twitch platform to livestream games. Collectively, that group has sent 7.5 billion minutes of content to the Web. These are massive number that put it well ahead of the competition, but perhaps the best example of Twitch’s growth is that it has had a peak concurrent audience of 2.1 million people in 2015. That’s more than twice what that figure was in 2014, and the people who are tuning in for these broadcasts are more engaged than ever before.” Also, it’s owned by Amazon. So: size and dollars.

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