AdBlock Gets Bought

I’m not going to lie to you: I use an ad blocker. I felt like I had to do that after the auto-playing audio at 2am, the browser crashes, and the malvertising scares. I want to support publishers, but do I have to do it at the cost of my own productivity? I hope this gets resolved one day. Anyway, I used AdBlock. And yesterday I discovered that AdBlock has been bought.

I don’t know who bought it though, because the buyer wants to remain anonymous. I also learned that AdBlock will be participating in what’s called “The Acceptable Ads program,” where some group of individuals decides what’s a non-annoying ad and lets it through AdBlock. I don’t even care about that, though. You know why? Because according to the Chrome store, AdBlock can both read and change all the data on all the sites you visit, as well as read your browsing history. And if I’m going to let some anonymous company run an extension that can do that on my computer, I’m even dumber than I look. If anyone’s got a suggestion for another ad blocker, leave a comment.