Firefox Dropping NPIAPI Plugin Support EXCEPT FLASH (Wait, What?)

Firefox is dropping NPAPI plugins by the end of 2016except for Flash. “Microsoft dropped NPAPI support in Internet Explorer 5.5, and its Edge browser in Windows 10 also drops support for ActiveX plugins. Google’s Chrome started phasing out NPAPI support in April this year and dropped it entirely in September. Now it’s Firefox’s turn. Netscape’s open source descendent will be removing NPAPI plugin support by the end of 2016. Some variants of the browser, such as 64-bit Firefox for Windows, already lack this plugin support.”

One thought on “Firefox Dropping NPIAPI Plugin Support EXCEPT FLASH (Wait, What?)

  1. chesscanoe says:

    It’s a good thing IE11 on Windows 10 (and Win7 and above it seems) will still allow legacy Java NPAPI applications to work for the foreseeable future….

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