In Development: Online Database of Chimpanzee Brains

In development: an online database of chimpanzee brains. “[George Washington University] will serve as a brain repository, where scientists can request tissue samples from the university’s collection to be sent to their own labs. The project team also will make available their assemblage of high-resolution MRI scans of chimpanzee brains along with observational data collected from studies on chimpanzees’ motor, social and cognitive skills. With this information, the researchers plan to create an online, searchable database that scientists can easily access. They also will build a detailed chimpanzee brain atlas and gene-expression map that can be used for research on the molecular pathways related to cognition and brain disease.”

Please note: there are no live chimpanzees at GWU, and its collection of brains is described as coming from animals “that have died from natural causes at zoos and research centers”.

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