Facebook’s Full Search Is Here and It Kind of Sucks

This feature has come and gone, but apparently it’s here again: Facebook has opened up searching for all the public posts on its platform. It’s indexed all the posts, but of course you’re not going to find something if someone has shared it privately and you’re not friends with them. So let’s just call this a public post search with the added bonus that it also searches your friends’ posts. And to be honest, it kind of sucks.

Facebook sorts posts the way it wants to – you don’t have a choice about surfacing more recent content (my keyword search was finding stuff from 2010), there is no advanced search (I want to find things in a certain time span, I want to find posts from people in this area, I want to find posts which are images or links or which are just text), and there’s no way to automated it – you can’t get alerts that I can see, you can’t get searches as RSS feeds, etc. In other words, you can use your keywords all day but Facebook is going to decide what you see and there is no transparency about that process.

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