Gorgeous Online Museum of Vietnamese Sculpture

Now available: an online museum of 3D Vietnamese sculpture. Oh, this is wonderful. Well done Quang Tri Nguyen.

“Now in his 20s, Nguyen has further developed his 3D scanning empire, and has launched an advanced Virtual 3D Museum of the ancient scultpures of Vietnam for visitors around the world to experience Vietnamese history firsthand. Modeled after a professional exhibition space, the digital 3D museum allows users to move freely around as though they were there in real life just by clicking and dragging their mouse, and actually interact with the 3D scanned models of Vietnamese relics in ways simply not possible in regular museums. He has also optimized the website on the HTML5 platform so users can access it and interact from nearly any device, from smartphones to smartTVs, without the need for installing additional apps, plugins or software.”

The annotations appear to be entirely in Vietnamese, but this is so beautifully designed and executed you don’t need to read the annotations to enjoy the sculpture.

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