Twitter Debuts ScratchReels

Twitter has launched “ScratchReel” GIFs. “The feature works on the web and on Twitter’s mobile apps, and Twitter appears to have been surfacing these images in beta tests for weeks now. You can’t check it out here within an embedded Twitter post — you have to click through — but when you move your mouse cursor or finger from left to right and back again on the moving image, you can control the animation.” This running an animation over and over again like this, backwards and forwards, reminds me of YouTube Poop.

I am a big fan of good YouTube Poops – or YTP – but it’s difficult to find ones that are good and reasonably clean. (I don’t mind a little swearing and that, but the word “penis” repeated 50 times is unnecessary.) Search YouTube for YTP clean if you want to explore the genre. If you’re really into absurd humor – “Penguin on the TV set” is my favorite Python sketch – you’ll love YTP.

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