Yahoo’s Acquisition of Polyvore Just Looks Icky

Today’s Yahoo pile-on? The acquisition of Polyvore. Not all the spin in the world could put a shine on this. “Yahoo bought Polyvore in July for $230 million. Polyvore, a social commerce site that lets users make artistic collages of clothes and accessories, was founded by three Yahoo alums, including Jess Lee, whose relationship with Mayer dates back to Lee’s days as a Google APM more than a decade ago.”

That looks really bad. If, as Yahoo’s CEO, you feel that the Polyvore deal is an essential part of your strategy or a complete part of a balanced breakfast or whatever – you better justify it as transparently as possible, or it’s going to look like a payout. It’s days like this I wish Robert Townsend were still alive, because I’d love to hear his commentary.

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