Huge New Map/Database of Information on Jails In the US

There is a huge new map/ database of information on jails in the United States. “The free on­line tool culls in­form­a­tion from pub­licly avail­able sources such as the Bur­eau of Justice Stat­ist­ics and the Census Bur­eau on the 3,000 county jails na­tion­ally. There are five fil­ters through which the data can be ex­plored. The first one of­fers the growth-per­cent­age change for each jail for which data is avail­able. The second re­veals the ra­tio of people in jail to the county’s pop­u­la­tion (x per 100K). The third breaks down the rate for blacks/Afric­an-Amer­ic­ans in each county, fol­lowed by an­oth­er fil­ter that does the same for wo­men. The last fil­ter re­cords the com­bined jail and pris­on data for New York and Cali­for­nia.”

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