Google India Launches Second Translatathon

Google India has launched its second translatathon. “Last year 20,000 people contributed over one million new Hindi translations, helping improve the overall quality of Hindi content online. We’re now including all the Indic languages that Google Translate is available in, and we look forward to seeing how people from across the country can help Google say जंगल में मोर नाचा किस ने देखा? or আপনার পায়ে কুড়ল মারা more accurately. Millions of people in India are coming online for the first time and most of them don’t speak English.”

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      Ya, It’s truely a waste of time.
      When last year the prizes were 101 , I did about 2500 translations. But couldn’t win.
      I contacted a person who won last year. He told that he did 6000 translations.

      This year there are only 50 prizes and this program has become more popular. So , I think you will have to do about minimum 10000 translations to win.

      Which will take your previous hours.
      There are many sites where you would get paid much more for the same time and that too in cheque.

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