New Search Engine for Kids – Thinga

One of the former developers on Yahoo Kids has launched a new children’s search engine called Thinga. “[BJ] Heiney described Thinga as ‘a walled garden.’ Like any search engine, kids can type in the terms that they’re interested in, but all the Thinga results come from the company’s content library, without ads, either hand-selected by Heiney’s team or pulled from whitelisted, kid-friendly sites. (It’s not a complete walled garden though — the internal results are followed by search results from DuckDuckGo.)”

This is the way to build a kid’s search engine, though there isn’t much here yet; a search for cow, giraffe, and strawberry shortcake all revealed zero results. On the other hand, trying to shake some kid-unfriendly content out of the DuckDuckGo followup search with terms like bootie and Kardashian didn’t get any results either.

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