New Web Site Lets You Report Social Media Censorship

A new (newish) Web site lets you report when Web sites censor creative works. “[Jillian] York developed the idea for the project with Visualizing Impact CEO Ramzi Jaber in 2012, after Facebook removed a link to a pro-Palestinian song that Coldplay published on its band page. The post received more than 7,000 comments, but it disappeared after thousands of users reported it as abusive. The episode was emblematic of the problems of social media: a crowd of offended users flags a post as inappropriate for personal or political reasons; the offending party is never notified; and then censorship is enacted by corporations — or really, the people who work for them.” It seems to be focused on social media for the moment.

I’m not entirely comfortable with the word “censorship,” as these are not government entities. I’m trying to find a different word.

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