Cornell Has New Database of Latin and Greek Authors

Cornell has a new database of ancient Latin and Greek authors. “The database, the Classical Works Knowledge Base (CWKB), contains metadata about 5,200 works by 1,500 ancient authors, allowing users with a limited knowledge of the classics’ canonical citation system to simply link to passages of digital texts.” Database access is free.

Reddit Planning Changes for 2016

Looks like Reddit is making some changes in 2016. “This year will see a lot of changes on Reddit. Recently we built an A/B testing system, which allows us to test changes to individual features scientifically, and we are excited to put it through its paces. Some changes will be big, others small and, inevitably, not everything will work, but all our efforts are towards making Reddit better. We are all redditors, and we are all driven to understand why Reddit works for some people, but not for others; which changes are working, and what effect they have; and to get into a rhythm of constant improvement. We appreciate your patience while we modernize Reddit.”

Why Not? 15-Second Piano Lessons, Taught Via Instagram

Very interesting: an Elon student is teaching piano on Instagram – 15 seconds at a time. “Individual lesson may be short, but in a few short weeks, active followers can quickly build up a knowledge base. Instagram followers aren’t the only ones that have taken notice of his unique teaching style. [Addison] Horner recently presented at the Music Teachers National Association Collegiate Piano Pedagogy Symposium.”

Delicious Drops Delicious Premium

You’re more used to hearing about online services adding feeds, but Delicious is actually discontinuing its premium service. “While we appreciate the passionate users who paid to use our service, the bottom line is that there have not been enough to support the resources required to maintain separate functionality.”