The Diplomat: It’s Time Google Came Back to China

Dingding Chen in The Diplomat: It’s time Google came back to China. “There are many hot debates among Chinese netizens today regarding the role of regulators, the dysfunctional medical system in China, the lack of punishment mechanisms, and so on. One huge debate is about the role of Google, the U.S. company that left China in 2010. Many netizens believe that the absence of healthy competition in China after Google left the Chinese market has given Baidu a golden opportunity to abuse its monopoly power. For example, the company has pursued brazen methods charging advertising fees without any scruples. This kind of immoral behavior has even drawn Chinese president Xi Jinping’s attention. In a high-level meeting on Internet security last week, Xi emphasized that an ‘Internet search engine company should not promote a certain client just because they offer the highest price.’ We don’t know if Xi had Baidu in mind, but it’s likely.”