Visiting A Museum by VR in 2020

It’s the future! An article at Gamasutra features a writer in 2020 reviewing a VR visit to the National Museum of China. ” Last week, my good friend Dr Wong comes back home from Indonesia for a short stay. He had admired the museum for a long time and asks me to give him a tour this time. The museum was undergoing some renovation in the last few months, and there was news that they had reopened with something new. So I first go to their official site to check out open time and admission policy. o my astonishment, the site says the museum doesn’t accept regular visitors in the future, and the only option they reserve for the public is the online VR version. My head is spinning, VR museums are mostly digital version, recreated in 3D, why they took such long time to make big changes to the inside then closed it for good? Well, this is the first time they offer a VR version, and the site says ‘Google Walker supported’, great, so I have my headgear and Google Walker connected, let’s go!”

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