Google Adds Lyrics to Search Results

Google is now showing song lyrics in its search results. That noise you heard was ten thousand lyrics sites shutting down. “Looking to capitalize on the constant stream of people trying to figure out how does that song go again?, Google unveiled a new featured placement for song lyrics Monday. So, the next time you google the lyrics for ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ Bonnie Tyler’s beautiful words will appear directly in your search results.” I found most of what I searched for, though Laura Love’s Capricorn and Hominy didn’t get any results, and Begin the Beguine showed the song as sung by Julio Iglesias – and the lyrics are in Spanish!

2 thoughts on “Google Adds Lyrics to Search Results

    • From the article: “The new feature is part of a multi-year licensing deal with Toronto company LyricFind, Billboard reports, and will actually result in a new source of income for musicians and publishers.”


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