MIT Has Created a Way to Annotate Livestreams

MIT has created a way to annotate livestreams. “DeepStream is like a cross between annotation sites like Genius and the Twitter sidebars embedded into some websites. Users log into the platform, now in beta, and have the option to search for livestreams or videos from a variety of platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, and Meerkat (the latter you need a login for). Choosing a video will load it in the browser, then users can add news stories, original text, tweets, and Soundcloud files. When selected, the information is added into so-called “context cards,” which stack up just to the right of the video as it plays. If you are watching a video of a Black Lives Matter protest, for example, one context card might include a link to an article defining the movement and another a tweet from activist. Taken together, the cards should provide context to what is happening in the video.”

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