Twitter Bans PewDiePie for Making Stupid Joke

My desk is a plank of wood over two filing cabinets placed about five feet apart, and then over that a section of countertop purchased at the local Habitat place so my workspace is sufficiently wide to hold the monitor, keyboard, etc. I am nothing if not opulent. Anyway, part of the countertop is developing a dent where I headdesk it, and I think I’ll name the dent “Twitter.” Why, here comes another opportunity now. “Over the last year, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody not talking about how inconsistent and arbitrary Twitter’s ban hammer is. Swedish YouTube phenom PewDiePie found this out the hard way this week after his account — followed by 47 million Twitter users — suddenly up and disappeared briefly from the social networking service without explanation.” He made a joke about joining ISIS.

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