Database of Information on Canadian Oil Sands Advertising

Now available: an archive of advertising about Canada’s oil sands. And if you, like me, have neglected your geology students and don’t know what oil sands are, you can get a good overview here. “‘The premise of my work is that media is a site of social struggles,’ [Patrick] McCurdy, an associate professor in the department of communications at the University of Ottawa, told DeSmog Canada. ‘It’s a battle for our imaginations and what we think about a certain topic and the actions we’re willing to take. I wanted to try to map that.’ Working with a two-year grant from the Social Sciences and Humanity Research Council, McCurdy and his team identified all the different stakeholders involved in the oilsands (of which there are many: corporations, industry associations, media, environmental non-profits, Indigenous groups), combed their websites and created an Excel database with the links.”

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