Customer Finds Worm in Lettuce, Complains Online. For Once, Hilarity Really DOES Ensue

I love seeing stories about interactions between companies and consumers on social media which involve good customer care and having fun. Here’s one, about an unwanted worm found in some lettuce. “The life of a social media manager for a major #brand must be a bleak one, having to face constant complaints and trolls with corporate-mandated politeness and grace. But sometimes, a bright spot appears and the #social #media #guy has a chance to shine. Such a stroke of luck recently befell Ross, a Facebook account manager for British grocery chain Sainsbury’s. A woman named Leila Daly posted an insane, dramatic, yet good-humored complaint about a worm in her lettuce, setting Ross up for a beautiful response.” Finally a chance to use the words “hilarity ensues” without irony.

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