Training AI to Make a Video Out of a Single Image

Researchers are training AI to make videos out of images. Not videos out of a series of images, but rather a video based on one image. “The neural net was trained using more than 2 million videos downloaded from Flickr. These were sorted into four types of scenes; golf courses, beaches, train stations, and hospitals (this latter category made up of images of babies), and the footage was stabilized to remove camera shake. Using this data, the team’s neural nets were able to not only generate short videos that resembled these scenes (that’s the GIF at the top of the page), but to also look at a still and create footage that might follow (that’s the GIF below). This essentially predicting what will happen next, albeit in a limited manner that is only guessing how pixels might change, rather than understanding the scene.” If this got really good can you imagine what it would do for forensics research?

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