In Development: Center for African American Poetry and Poetics (CAAPP)

In development: an online archive of African-American poetry and poets. “Until recently there was no center that had significant institutional support and was specifically dedicated to sharing and studying the legacy of African American poetry.* [This is incorrect and is corrected at the end of the article – RB] Earlier this year, poets Dawn Lundy Martin, Terrance Hayes, and Yona Harvey decided it was high time to start one. The trio launched the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics (CAAPP) as a creative think tank to spark conversation and collaboration among poets and other artists, and to promote and archive the work of African American poets for future generations…. Part of CAAPP’s core mission is to archive and document the work of African American poets, which will be accomplished through both a physical collection of books and an online archive of lectures, readings, and discussions.” The article is well worth reading but I cannot find a link to CAAPP as it currently exists. You can find that here.

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