Cat Picture Caused Instabans on Facebook

Weird: Facebook has been banning accounts for sharing a particular cat picture. “According to Fonearena‘s Varun Krishnan, on sharing an innocent cat photo on Messenger, his Facebook account was instantly deactivated. ‘I was actually chatting with some friends over Facebook Messenger and after I sent this image , I automatically started getting logged out of messenger. I opened the Facebook app and that said Session time out and asked me to login again. I felt something was wrong with my phone or internet, I decided to get online on my computer. Only then It began to strike me that Facebook has actually disabled my complete Facebook account – Messenger , Facebook, Ads and what else I don’t know – in a matter of seconds and I was being logged out of the service on all my devices.'” The image also has some blurred non-English text I can’t make out.

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