Wired Roundup: All The Announcements at Google’s Tuesday Event

Instead of pointing you to individual articles about every last goldang thing Google announced at its event Tuesday, I’ll just point you to the Wired roundup. “IT SEEMS LIKE only yesterday that Google was just a software company. Search and web apps, Android and Chrome. The industry giant’s first moves into hardware were small; it first worked with partners like Samsung and LG to build phones, tablets, and Chromebooks, then timidly branched out into creating its own designs. Well, Google isn’t timid about hardware any longer. In a 100-minute event on Tuesday, the company unveiled an entire line of products made not by hardware partners, but by Google’s own robust in-house product teams. And connecting all of the pieces together, of course, is Google’s speech-controlled, AI-powered Assistant. Here’s everything the company unveiled.”

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