Harry Ransom Center Puts Goldbeck Photos Online

The University of Texas at Austin’s Harry Ransom center has put its Goldbeck collection of photos online. “Many of the negatives, which date primarily from the mid-1910s through 1930, were taken by E. O. Goldbeck (1892–1986), a San Antonio-based commercial photographer whose career spanned the better part of the twentieth century. Also included are those he acquired from his contemporaries including C. W. (Charles W.) Archer, W. W. (Walter W.) Mitchell (1890–1928), and C. A. (Charles Albert) Stead (1870–1932). Known as the ‘unofficial photographer of America’s military,’ it is no surprise that more than one third of all the negatives are of military subjects. Documented are military efforts and camp life in and around San Antonio, during and shortly after the First World War.”

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