The Guardian: Facebook temporarily bans author after he calls Trump fans ‘nasty fascistic lot’

Facebook continues with the arbitrary content blocking. “A journalist was temporarily banned from Facebook after a post in which he called Trump supporters ‘a nasty fascistic lot’, in the latest example of the social media platform’s censorship of journalists. Facebook ‘reviewed and restored’ the post by Kevin Sessums after being contacted by the Guardian and dropped the posting ban.” Facebook arbitrarily blocks content which is restored only when it’s called out by a major media outlet. And yet it’s completely helpless to block fake news! Uh-huh.

Head of Twitter in China Resigns

The head of Twitter in China has resigned. “While Twitter has been blocked in mainland China since 2009, the troubled social network is still active in the country in pursuit of Chinese companies who want to advertise globally on Twitter. Major clients include Huawei and state news agency Xinhua.”

Scientific American: How a Machine Learns Prejudice

Scientific American: How a Machine Learns Prejudice. “If artificial intelligence takes over our lives, it probably won’t involve humans battling an army of robots that relentlessly apply Spock-like logic as they physically enslave us. Instead, the machine-learning algorithms that already let AI programs recommend a movie you’d like or recognize your friend’s face in a photo will likely be the same ones that one day deny you a loan, lead the police to your neighborhood or tell your doctor you need to go on a diet. And since humans create these algorithms, they’re just as prone to biases that could lead to bad decisions—and worse outcomes.”

Happy 7th Birthday to KrebsOnSecurity

Hey! KrebsonSecurity – my favorite blog for security news and thoughts – is seven years old! “Hard to believe it’s time to celebrate another go ’round the Sun for KrebsOnSecurity! Today marks exactly seven years since I left The Washington Post and started this here solo thing. And what a remarkable year 2016 has been!”

OMGUbuntu: The 6 Linux Distros We’re Most Excited For in 2017

From OMG! Ubuntu! – The 6 Linux Distros We’re Most Excited For in 2017. “Over the past few weeks we’ve been asking you to tell us which Linux distributions you are excited by, and the ones you think/hope will do well in 2017. Now it’s our turn. Naturally, compiling a list like this is very hard, especially when we have little more than hunches, hopes and hints of what to expect to base it all on. But we’ve done it anyway. Here 6 Linux distributions we’re excited to see go further in 2017.” I’m looking forward to Ubuntu Budgie.

ThreatPost: PHPMailer Bug Leaves Millions of Websites Open to Attack

ThreatPost: PHPMailer Bug Leaves Millions of Websites Open to Attack. “The vulnerability (CVE-2016-10033) is related to the way websites handle web-based email submission forms using the PHPMailer component. PHP is an (Hypertext Preprocessor) open-source scripting language embedded into website HTML. PHPMailer is a popular component used by an estimated 9 million sites for handing tasks such as email submission and registration forms. According to Golunski all version of PHPMailer released before version 5.2.18 are affected.”

In Development: Database of Megalithic Burials

In development: a database of megalithic burials. “The study linking archeology, biology and history would lead to building a database to provide information on disease process, and, more importantly, to indicate conditions that could have led to the development, maintenance and the changing manifestations of disease through time.” It’s not clear in the article if this is just for India or not.

The Verge: Twitter’s New Year’s resolutions will be hard to keep

The Verge: Twitter’s New Year’s resolutions will be hard to keep. “Yesterday, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey launched an interesting experiment, asking his nearly four million followers to send him what they want to see the company improve or create. The replies ranged from basic design gripes to extinguishing national socialism, but today Dorsey boiled the responses down to four basic themes. The result is a kind of New Year’s resolution list for a company that’s coming off a very rough year. It’s not everything that came up, but it’s clearly the four areas Dorsey finds most compelling.”