Guy Creates Slack Client for Commodore 64 (As You Do)

About 1993 I had a PC and a monitor, and the monitor died. I couldn’t afford to replace it, so as I remember I ended up running the video signal out of the PC and into a VCR, and out the VCR and into an ancient black and white TV. I don’t remember precisely how it worked, but I do remember that this rig held together until I was able to save up enough for a new monitor. And that’s why I’m linking to the guy who built a Slack client for the Commodore 64. “Software engineer Jeff Harris managed to write a Slack client for the Commodore 64, a home computer released in 1982 that sported 64 kilobytes of memory. Harris wrote a Slack client in 6502 assembly, and he put the resulting code on Github. Getting the client to actually work took some special tricks. Using the Commodore 64’s Userport, Harris used a homemade adaptor to connect the computer to a Raspberry Pi.”

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