Forbes: The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers

There is a truly disturbing story in Forbes about Snopes and its response or non-response to a salacious story in the Daily Mail. I feel gross enough linking to the Forbes story; I will not link to the Daily Mail story (you should be able to find it easily enough if you want to read it.) I am linking to it because Facebook is touting Snopes as a cornerstone of its anti-fake-news policy. From the Forbes story: “When I asked for comment on the specific detailed criteria Snopes uses to screen its applicants and decide who to hire as a fact checker, surprisingly David demurred, saying only that the site looks for applicants across all fields and skills. He specifically did not provide any detail of any kind regarding the screening process and how Snopes evaluates potential hires. David also did not respond to further emails asking whether, as part of the screening process, Snopes has applicants fact check a set of articles to evaluate their reasoning and research skills and to gain insight into their thinking process.”