SFist: Longtime SF DJ Builds Online Archive Of ’80s And ’90s Club Mixes From Long-Gone Nightclubs

Now available: lots and lots and lots of San Francisco club remixes. “‘Somebody just came and dropped off this whole bag of cassettes,’ Jim Hopkins says, showing me a plastic grocery bag full of hand-labeled tapes sitting in the corner of the DJ booth at 440 in the Castro, where he is the midweek resident. He’s recently been working on a new project, the SF Disco Preservation Society, and he’s taken on the somewhat thankless but admirable task of transferring two decades’ worth of club mixes from local nightlife luminaries like Larry Reed, Ellen Ferrato, David Harness and others from analog tape to digital, and uploading them to his website where you can now listen to them — and work out to them — for free. ‘A lot of these guys are getting up in years,’ Hopkins tells SFist, ‘and this is stuff that shouldn’t be lost.'”

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