History@Work: S.103 threatens digital history initiatives around race

It’s not often I read an article relevant to ResearchBuzz that makes me want to punch a wall. Congratulations, History@Work, you did it! (It’s not them, it’s the topic that they brought to my attention.) The title of this bloodboiling item is S.103 threatens digital history initiatives around race. “The power of GIS to illuminate systemic oppression and institutional racism have also attracted the attention of Congress. But not in a way welcome to scholars. On January 11, 2017, Senators Mike Lee (Utah) and Marco Rubio (Florida) introduced S.103–115th Congress, the ‘Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act of 2017.’ The language is blunt: ‘no Federal funds may be used to design, build, maintain, utilize, or provide access to a Federal database of geospatial information on community racial disparities or disparities in access to affordable housing.’ A similar bill was also proposed in the House of Representatives.”