New Archive is Devoted to Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Press Coverage and Promotional Materials

Now available: a new archive of ephemera about the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which goes back all the way to when it was still called the Advanced Video System (AVS). “In developing the Foundation’s Digital Library, one need we identified early on was the ability to house special collections – that is, groups of related media, typically all tied together by one subject matter. One of our core beliefs is that historians are missing many of the tools needed to tell the stories of video games, so we felt that collecting an extensive group of digital artifacts related to one subject matter might go far in ‘open sourcing’ telling that subject’s story. Our first special collection is one near and dear to me, having written several articles on the subject myself: The Nintendo USA NES Launch Collection.” It looks like the archive is maintained in a set of Google Drive folders. Wild!