TUN: UConn Student Makes a Splash in the Startup World

Spencer Matonis has been doing an unbelievable job keeping me up to date on his university labs project, and today he sent me an article I can share with you, from TUN: UConn Student Makes a Splash in the Startup World. “The University of Connecticut is home to Spencer Matonis, a sophomore who recently took a dive into the startup world, making quite a splash. His venture, titled Coalesce, is a dot com startup that aims to help scientific minds connect with each other by way of lab and research-related topics. ‘Join a network of laboratories modernizing research,’ the homepage invites visitors. As Matonis puts it, ‘At the core of the network that we’re building is this research lab database where students can explore the profiles and websites of hundreds of labs.’ Social networking sites are by no means unique, but this site is truly the first of its kind, exploring a topic that may sometimes be overlooked in popular culture.”

Considering the funding ResearchGate got recently, I think Mr. Matonis is on to something, and I wish him the best.