Echoes From the Vault: Practice Makes Perfect! New Tools for Reading Old Handwriting

Echoes from the Vault: Practice Makes Perfect! New Tools for Reading Old Handwriting. “The ReadMe! resource incorporates digital images of key manuscripts held in the University Library. These have been carefully chosen to provide good examples of characteristic styles of handwriting from the medieval to the early modern periods. Short extracts are made available along with model transcriptions. Students enter their own transcriptions one line at a time. Clicking the MarkMe! button indicates the presence of mistakes. Anything that is flagged in red needs to be checked again. Students can amend their transcriptions and click MarkMe! as many times as they wish. When satisfied (or defeated!), they can click the ShowMe! button to reveal the correct transcription. This means that by using the resource students are able to get extra practice and instant feedback: in effect they can mark and correct their own work.” Anybody can play with this online tool.