ProPublica: Introducing the Vox-ProPublica Video Fellowship

ProPublica: Introducing the Vox-ProPublica Video Fellowship. “….that’s what we’re here to announce: the Vox-ProPublica Video Fellowship. It’s a yearlong position for a video producer, who will be embedded in Vox’s team, producing work fueled by ProPublica’s reporting. We figure everyone wins: Vox will get to dig into ProPublica’s investigations. ProPublica will get to learn about social video from the best in the business. And most importantly, you — our readers — will get great visual stories treated with creativity, curiosity and care.” Vox is a national treasure. I discovered it via YouTube and promptly subscribed. If you want a sample story (genealogists, you’ll love this) check out the Vox video on the work that goes into colorizing old photos.