New Collection from Georgia Archives: Mines, Mining and Geology

A new collection from the Georgia Archives: Mines, Mining and Geology. “The Mines Mining and Geology Collection contains approximately 4,000 photographs from the State Geologist Photographs and Negative Files, RG 50-2-33. The photographs were taken primarily by S.W. McCallie and R.W. Smith, Georgia State Geologists, and other staff members of the State Geological Survey, later known as the Department of Mines, Mining and Geology. Although a majority of the images are of geological sites, others show old bridges, roads, industrial sites, water wheels, iron works, and gold mines. The bulk of the images were taken between the 1910s and the 1940s. Consequently, this collection documents rather completely the early industrial development of Georgia. These photographs moreover depict the variety of natural beauty of the State.”