Bellingcat: Database of August 12 Charlottesville Videos

Bellingcat: Database of August 12 Charlottesville Videos. “In this database, we have focused on user-generated videos, including those from livestreamers (such as Faith J. Goldy), participants, activists, and semi-amateur news distributors (such as Unicorn Riot), and have avoided the video materials published from large news organizations, such as the BBC, RT, Voice of America, and so on. The primary reason for this is because news footage from professional news organizations is unlikely to be lost, while user-generated content can easily be deleted and disappear from the internet forever. Additionally, we have saved metadata from the videos in case they are deleted, including the title and video description. Nearly all of the videos in this database have been saved by the Bellingcat staff, and we will eventually provide a third-party link to a backup copy of each video on a file sharing service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.”