LGBTQ Characters in Fantasy Fiction: A Google Sheet

Spotted by Esther S. on a Reddit Thread: a database of LGBTQ characters in Fantasy fiction. From the Reddit thread: “For the Mark I, I am only accepting purchasable novels. No web serials, no short stories, no poetry, no songs, no anthologies (unless it is all one world/series. Think Side Jobs by Jim Butcher or Spirit Caller by moi). For the Mark I, do not enter subgenres. If you aren’t 100% sure about the overall genre, feel free to ask below or enter the question into your form (more on that below). My hope is to have the Mark I database ready for linking into the Find Books list by the end of the month. The form will still exist for future entries, and I’ll do another update thread in a few months time if there is a need (and maybe do things like anthologies, subgenres, etc).” At this writing, there are over 250 entries.